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PODIATRY CARE OF GEORGIA (PCOG) offers expert medical care for adolescent, adult and senior patients. We offer our patients a wide variety of services including: diabetic foot care, wound care, fungal nail solutions, custom orthoses and treatment for the most common foot and ankle abnormalities. Foot and ankle problems can be a burden. When you are looking for pain relief and solutions to foot and ankle conditions, consider PODIATRY CARE OF GEORGIA. Ask about our new mobile concierge service.

SENIOR CARE DIVISION The mission of the senior care division is to deliver foot care to patients by assisting with the arrangement of podiatry services that would otherwise be difficult to access.

There are several benefits to utilizing PCOG. Patients, families and your facility will greatly benefit from this program offering therapeutic foot care on site. Foot care is provided consistently and by the same professional staff. This promotes prevention and early identification of more serious complications. Providing these on site services will eliminate the need for your staff to use valuable patient care time transporting patients. Our services are compliant with HIPAA and Medicaid/Medicare guidelines.

Examples of conditions for which podiatric treatment is considered medically necessary include: thick fungal toenails, peripheral vascular disease, diabetes mellitus, thrombophlebitis, history of non-traumatic amputation of the foot or lower limb and peripheral neuropathies of the lower limb.